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PSPP features wishlist

From: Paul Vella
Subject: PSPP features wishlist
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2011 13:09:26 +1100

I hope I am directing my email correctly, I found this link from the PSPP homepage. I am a data analyst for a marketing research frim in the CBD. I use SPSS quite a lot but I run PSPP on my home computer. The PSPP homepage suggested that I email the developers to ask for/about features in upcoming versions of the software.
As an analyst, I would like (wishlist) to see the following features in PSPP
1. Logistic regression
2. Maximum likelihood extraction method for factor analysis
3. Stepwise and enter method of linear regression
4. Oblique rotation for factor analysis
5. Partial correlations
6. Ability to calculate Average Variance Extracted for reliability
7. Hierarchical and k-means clustering
8. Ability to save files as MS Excel or OOo Calc files
9. Spearman's correlation
10. Polynomial regression

I believe that if PSPP had these features it would be a powerful competitor to SPSS.
Paul Vella

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