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An example for Adding a menu item

From: eran liberty
Subject: An example for Adding a menu item
Date: Mon, 16 May 2011 10:17:02 +0300

Hi Ben and All,

My friend is a lecturer for statistics and, with my encouraging, is
willing to try to create a new course based only on open source tools
( OpenOffice ). As intended PSPP is a prime key for this experiment to

As it is PSPP is missing some key ingredients which the SPSS have and
are essential to my friends course. ( like General Linear Modeling
which spss has)

I decided to get my hand dirty and fill in the gaps. I have strong
background of Linux kernel / Networking / Autotools and whats not... I
have very weak background of GUI and UI design patterns.

I tried to hack your PSPP to add another menu item under "Analyze" and failed.

Could you point me to a checkin which illustrate nicely the addition
of a menu item along with all the skeleton construct (callbacks,
triggers, sub menus, actions?)...

I believe I will be able to learn from the diff and pick it up from there.

-- Liberty

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