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Re: PSPP-BUG: Repeated Measures ANOVA?

From: Stephen Sammut
Subject: Re: PSPP-BUG: Repeated Measures ANOVA?
Date: Mon, 08 Aug 2011 06:38:19 -0400
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Thank you to both of you for your response. I look forward to this as I
wish to use PSPP as the main program in class.

Thanks again

On 8/8/11 2:07 AM, "John Darrington" <address@hidden> wrote:

>No.  Right now it doesn't do it.  We hope it will in the not too
>distant future (right after the factorial anova is working properly).
>On Fri, Aug 05, 2011 at 12:34:54PM -0400, Jason Stover wrote:
>     On Thu, Aug 04, 2011 at 09:25:56AM -0400, SSammut wrote:
>     > Saw a thread re: RM ANOVA on PSPP....Would you know if this is
>available? Thanks and sorry for the bother.
>     I'll let John correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think PSPP does
>     repeated measures ANOVA.
>     -Jason
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