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Fwd: Two missing PSPP behaviors compared to SPSS

From: Jeremy Lavergne
Subject: Fwd: Two missing PSPP behaviors compared to SPSS
Date: Mon, 3 Oct 2011 08:54:44 -0400

Gentlemen, here's an email I received this weekend highlighting differences 
between expected and experienced functionality across several facets of PSPP.

From: "C.T." <address@hidden>

While dealing with a data issue, I noticed that PSPP didn't output any error, 
whereas SPSS did. Attached are screenshots comparison between them.

 Second behavior missing: in SPSS in the variable view, a double-click on the 
tab right in front of the line describing a data format, this brings us in the 
corresponding column and highlight it. In PSPP, there's no highlight, which is 
a bit awkward when you have to deal with a large number of columns.

Plus, SPSS seems to waste less vertical and horizontal space, by choosing a 
smaller font. I think PSPP could do it better by reducing margins around 
values. Also, columns could be made to fit the largest string in it, so as to 
avoid both wasting space and cutting off variable names
Attached is a mockup: cell row 35, column INATT_MG is still readable while 
taking much less space than neighboring cells.

Finally, will PSPP be able to export its own viewer files? There's loss of 
index when dumping window content to ODT. Alternatively, the ODT export module 
could include an entry table with hyperlinks so as to easily navigate the tens 
of pages of raw output,

Let me know, 

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