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Re: Ascii Driver Patches

From: Ben Pfaff
Subject: Re: Ascii Driver Patches
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2012 10:07:51 -0800
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John Darrington <address@hidden> writes:

> I think I finally tracked down a bug in the ascii driver which has been 
> annoying me for 
> years.  The bug is difficult to reproduce, since it manifests itself only 
> when output
> is to the terminal and exactly if and when it occurs is likely to be 
> dependent on the
> terminal's dimensions.
> However I think the attached patches solve the problem.  I'm sending them 
> here for review
> before I check them in.

These all look reasonable to me.  I didn't compile or test them.
Thanks for spotting the problem.
Ben Pfaff

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