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Re: remaining psppsheet bugs

From: John Darrington
Subject: Re: remaining psppsheet bugs
Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2012 08:27:29 +0100
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On Fri, Nov 30, 2012 at 01:33:22PM -0800, Ben Pfaff wrote:
     Here are the known psppsheet bugs.  Which ones look like must-fix
     for merging or for 0.8 release?
     Both sheets
     Moving the focus to a different top-level window, then back to the
     datasheet or variable sheet window, causes editing of the current cell
     to stop.  One must click again to start editing again.

I can imagine this would be really annoying to people working on multi?ple 
especially when entering, editing long strings.
     Primary Selection: Seems to be missing.  (Reported by John

I think this needs to be done.
     Switching between Data and Variable view causes the Toolbar to be
     redrawn. I guess that's ok.  But it redraws in a funny way.  It seems
     to redraw, then insert the buttons one by one, redrawing after each.
     Looks distracting.  (Reported by John Darrington.)

This annoys, me.  But I despite a lot of digging I can't find out why it is
doing that.  Gtk bug?

         Gnumeric also has the following keybindings that we should
         probably implement (for both sheets):
         Ctrl-Left:  First column
         Ctrl-Right: Last column
         Ctrl-Up:   First row
         Ctrl-Down: Last Row
         Reported by John Darrington.

The old sheet behaves this way, so I think it should be done before we merge.
     Data sheet
     The case buttons at the head of each row should not scroll with the
     rest of the row.  (Reported by John Darrington.)

     The space to the right of the "new variable" column doesn't look like
     the SPSS sheet or like a normal spreadsheet.  (Reported by John
     Darrington and Michel Boaventura.)
     I think a solid line or some kind of separator beneath the data
     sheet's entry/label hbox would make the appearance nicer.  (Reported
     by John Darrington and Michel Boaventura.)

I'm in two minds about how important these are.  What do other people think?

     If I click on Insert Case, the new case assumes the value of the cell
     which is currently selected.  It should have all values empty.  This
     happens only on Windows.  (Reported by John Darrington.)

Windows only bugs should not hold up development, I think.

     Large copies hang.

I imagine this would also happen on the old sheet, but I haven't tried it. I 
don't think it is an important issue.

Other issues not mentioned:
Not a sheet issue per se:
        The "Window" menu on the psppsheet branch is not getting updated 

If you resize the columns on the variable view,  for example the Type column, 
such that
it is narrower than default, the button gets cut, before the label.  This 
causes the
startup condition to look odd in locales with longer than normal labels.  For 
a German locale, which says "Numerisch" and then there is half a button to the 


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