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Re: Window menu

From: Ben Pfaff
Subject: Re: Window menu
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2013 22:42:20 -0800
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On Mon, Feb 04, 2013 at 09:10:29PM +0100, John Darrington wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 03, 2013 at 10:48:25PM -0800, Ben Pfaff wrote:
>      Hi John.
>      I have the following note in my to-do list for the psppsheet branch:
>          The "Window" menu on the psppsheet branch is not getting updated
>          properly.
>      I think this came from you, although I'm not certain of it.  Do you know
>      what it meant?  I tried a couple of obvious things and didn't see
>      anything wrong with the Window menu.
> I had another look at it today.  It seems a lot better than I recall
> from a few months ago.  The only problem I see now, is that after a
> dataset has been loaded, there are two adjacent separators (under
> Split) which looks funny.

That, at least, was easy to fix, so I fixed it.

My remaining pre-merge to-do list is:

To fix before merging

Moving the focus to a different top-level window, then back to the
datasheet or variable sheet window, causes editing of the current cell
to stop.  One must click again to start editing again.

Primary Selection: Seems to be missing.  (Reported by John


    Gnumeric also has the following keybindings that we should
    probably implement (for both sheets):

    Ctrl-Up:   First row
    Ctrl-Down: Last Row

    Reported by John Darrington.

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