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Incompatible functions + paid development

From: Fredrik Clementz
Subject: Incompatible functions + paid development
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2013 10:38:51 +0200


I'd like to ask some questions to you developers of PSPP about how you feel about a few things.

1. There is obviously loads of features left before PSPP would get anywhere near on par with SPSS in functionality. However, there is a lot of statistical functions that isn't supported by SPSS which makes a lot of sense to have a in a statistical software. Now my question here is, is PSPP open for items such as this yet, or is the ambition to first get close to SPSS? The reason I ask is because obviously new features not in SPSS would mean that Syntaxwise PSPP would get functions which wouldn't work in SPSS for instance. To examplify some of the features I'd personally like to see is
- Rim Weights
- LISREL functions
- Chi2 enabled Tables (+-sign).
- Multiuse variables (Eg: reusing the same variable for 2 things in 1 function without multiplying it)
etc etc.
So is it worth putting these in the Bugzilla?

2. The second question is the topic about code bounties and hired development. Let's assume for a second that I desperately want a feature in. How would it be possible to hire someone to get a feature in? Would the current team be restrictive on this and see it more as a problem or as a possibility? The reason I ask is because I'm trying to push locally that some companies would pick the software up for usage, and if they do, a great way to help them adopt is to simply easily push for a way to buy in features so to say, so that it gets more usable for them. This is really speculative at this point, but I do see a point in investigating it.

Any thoughts on the above?


Fredrik Clementz

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