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Re: Clear Cases/Variables icon

From: Bastián Díaz
Subject: Re: Clear Cases/Variables icon
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2013 23:45:11 -0700 (PDT)

Sure, I remember when I got the first version of the icons, all of which were 

Doing a review, I also noticed that the icon is not displayed for "select all" 
in the output window, and icons to "undo" and "redo" in the syntax editor 
window. Also are available icons for "Run menu".

I checked the repositories and images if they are.

menu                             image name
****                              **********

Edit|Clear cases/variables        edit-clear-all    
(Applicable to Edit|Remove)

Windows|Split                     windows-split

Edit|Undo                         edit-undo

Edit|Select All                   edit-select-all
Edit|Redo                         edit-redo

Run|All                           run-all

Run|Current Line                  run-current-line

Run|Selection                     run-selection

Run|To End                        run-to-end

Also available is the icon for the warning dialog (dialog-warnig). 
For some reason, the icons "open" and "save as", do not look right the syntax 

Bastián Díaz

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De: John Darrington <address@hidden>
Para: address@hidden
Enviado: Sábado, 21 de septiembre, 2013 2:53:15
Asunto: Clear Cases/Variables icon

The icon for the menuitem Edit|Clear Variables/Cases is still in the old style.

Bastian, is there one that you indended to be used here?


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