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Update artwork 0.2 version (coming soon)

From: Bastián Díaz
Subject: Update artwork 0.2 version (coming soon)
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2013 16:13:46 -0700 (PDT)


During the weekend, I'll update the artwork (0.2) in stages.

First, I'll update the symbolic icons, then the application icon, mime types 
and finally the splash and logo for PSPP.

Before upgrading, I think they should make some small changes..

→ I changed many of the names of the icons. These will stay from now on. What 
files need to be modified to make these changes?. I like to learn. (attached 
→ There are two concepts that should be changed in the GUI:"Insert cases" for 
"insert case" in the edit menu and "output" by "target" in the role column 
→The image to the "about" dialog will be the same as used by the application 
(scalable version).
→ Apparently some icons look smaller in the menus (does not correspond a 16x16 
canvas). Something similar happens with the toolbar in the Windows version 
(attached screenshot). Is it could increase the quality of the generated PNG 


Bastián Díaz


Bastián Díaz 

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