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Re: Size of icons in toolbar and other queries

From: John Darrington
Subject: Re: Size of icons in toolbar and other queries
Date: Sun, 6 Oct 2013 17:52:27 +0200
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On Sun, Oct 06, 2013 at 08:13:49AM -0700, Bastián Díaz wrote:
     A) John, I remember that to solve a problem in displaying icons in 
Windows, you suggested that I provide icons 32x32 px. However, it seems that 
this affects all environments, especially in GNU / Linux environments, making 
the icons appear very large (when compared with other applications in the same 
     I think that can bring problems of space, especially since psppire still 
can not define whether to display labels on the toolbar (defined by the system).

I think the problem is, that we have labels beneath the toolbar icons, whereas 
other programs don't.  I suppose we could remove the labels and make them 
tooltips instead.

     B) I see that we have included a univariate analysis experimentally, I'll 
draw an icon for the analysis and include it during the week. However, there is 
a problem with displaying the menu to "psppire" since univariate analysis only 
appears when data are open (if it open an empty instance, the analysis is not 
shown in the menu).

I suppose we should think about making this non-experimental.  Please do go 
ahead a provide an icon.


     C)I would also add the new references to the icons in the context menu of 
the data editor and syntax editor (copy, paste, select all, etc.). If you tell 
me which file you need to edit, I can do it without any problem.

These already appear to be done.  


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