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Re: Icons on the buttons in psppire

From: Bastián Díaz
Subject: Re: Icons on the buttons in psppire
Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2013 23:10:12 -0700 (PDT)

> If you want to provide some icons for the generic buttons like OK, Cancel, 
> Help etc please do.

> We can certainly put them in.  However, if this is becoming a fully blown 
> icon set, rather than
> a PSPP specific one, I wonder if it ought not be contributed direct to the 
> Gtk/Gnome ?

Actually, my intention is to create a set of specific icons for PSPP, based on 
the "GNOME symbolic icons". However, I have noticed that since PSPP to use GTK 
+2, maintains its legacy features, therefore does not use the new gnome icon 
set, which try to include (adapt) to be used in psppire.

Also, as I mentioned before, the icons in menus and buttons in current versions 
of GNOME/GTK+ are not supported and will not have updates in the future.

> Strange.  I am using a default out-of-the-box setup and I see the icons.

I usually use fedora, and at least in installing fedora 19 out-of-the-box, the 
menu icons and buttons are not displayed (GNOME 3.8 default options) so you 
have to install gnome-tweak-tool or dconf-editor to activate this feature. And 
indeed in GNOME 3.10, the display icons on the buttons is not an option, 
therefore it is impossible to see icons on the buttons by default (unless it is 
a configuration forced by the application).

> Are you planning to add some colour to the icons at some stage?  Sometimes I 
> use Gnome's
> "Darklooks" theme, and in that theme, your icons are invisible, since the 
> background is
> almost exactly the same as the icon colour.

Yes, it is something that is on my list to do, although they become different 
set of icons (optional). Actually the problem you mentioned, is something 
considered from the beginning, as the set of icons is intended to be used 
directly in scalable format along with the features of GTK+3, which would give 
the whole suit the color icons GTK+ theme, just as does the fonts.

Currently this is not possible, so it is not recommended to use gtk+ dark 
themes with psppire.

Is it possible that psppire not showing icons on the buttons by default?. I 
think this configuration would be the best, and would give a cleaner look to 
the menus.


Bastián Díaz

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