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SZAV mimetype

From: John Darrington
Subject: SZAV mimetype
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2013 07:49:43 +0200
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If we are going to have the GUI properly deal with ZSAV files we need a 
mimetype for it.
Ben suggested that instead of inventing a new one, we share the existing 
(unofficial) mimetype
for the .SAV files (viz: application/x-spss-sav )

After thinking about it, this makes sense to me  because: 

1.  New unofficial mimetypes are discouraged: See
2.  Both can be opened by pspp/psppire
3.  They contain EXACTLY the same information (just formatted in a different 

The only cavaets are:

1. We cannot then have a separate icon for .zsav files ; the OS will treat .sav 
and .zsav as
(conceptually) identical.

2. Older psppire versions will attempt to open zsav files if somebody clicks on 
one, but the 
attempt will fail.

Anyway whichever mimetype we want for .zsav files we need to 
update the database by submitting a bug report to

For completeness it would also be a good idea to get the "file" program 
recognising them.  To do this,
we need to send a bug report to the tracker mentioned at


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