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Re: some german translations not shown in the application

From: Matthias Keil
Subject: Re: some german translations not shown in the application
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2014 21:13:32 +0200
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Am 30.06.2014 08:45, schrieb John Darrington:
On Sun, Jun 29, 2014 at 10:08:11PM +0200, Matthias Keil wrote:
      Dear PSPP developer, my name is Matthias Keil. I??m one of the
      translators for the German package of PSPP.
Another translator noticed that some German translations are not
      displayed in the application. He has marked the missing entries
      in the current PO file ( with the translator
      comments ("not shown in application" or "not shoen in output").
We would like to clarify what it is that these entries are not displayed. Thanks in advance Matthias Keil


Thanks for the work keeping the translation current.
So far as I can see, all the strings commented as you describe are either obsolete
(tagged with #~) or fuzzy (tagged with "#, fuzzy").  These will not appear in 
application.  Obsolete ones you can delete if you like (they are there just in 
the string ever gets resurrected).  You should remove the "fuzzy" tags (after 
that the translation is correct, of course).

However, I am rather interested to know why the po template for 0.8.3 is not at   - Somehow it must have got missed.  Ben, can you 
explain that?


Hei John, thank you for the quick response. Unfortunately, I find neither a fuzzy nor a obsolete tag (see the compilation below).

I think we are waiting for the template from 0.8.3 and see if the problem still exists.




# not shown in application
#: src/ui/gui/autorecode.ui:92
msgid "Variable -> New Name"
msgstr "Variable -> Neuer Name"

# not shown in application
#: src/ui/gui/frequencies.ui:616
msgid "<b>Chart Formatting</b>"
msgstr "<b>Diagrammformat</b>"

# not shown in application
#: src/ui/gui/frequencies.ui:716
msgid "<b>Histograms</b>"
msgstr "<b>Histogramme</b>"

# not shown in application
#: src/ui/gui/recode.ui:232
msgid "Conver_t numeric strings to numbers (`5' -> 5)"
msgstr "Nu_m. Strings in Zahlen umwandeln (`5' -> 5)"

# not shown in output
#: src/language/stats/runs.c:386
msgid "Cases < Test Value"
msgstr "Fälle < Testwert"

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