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Re: Re: Re: save translate error

From: Harry Thijssen
Subject: Re: Re: Re: save translate error
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2015 19:32:41 +0100

  I pushed a few changes which improve the error reporting slightly.  By that, I 
  mean there should no longer be the "Success" which obviously isn't.


 I suspect that the problem that these widnows users have encountered is that the C:\USers\xxx\My Documents\ directory does not actually exist although they believe that it does.

I don't think this is the problem yet. The reporter only used "Documents". That shouldn't be a problem. 

One cannot trust the "windows explorer" in these cases.
:-) Not only the explorer
  Those "special directories" appear to exist in the windows explorer, whereas
  they actually have another pathname in the filesystem.
I'd like somebody to actually confirm the existance of the directory using the windows shell, but I don't know if any of the users who reported this error actually know how to do this.
Hmmm. And they are language dependent. But on my clean MSWindows7 installation I don't have a "My Documents" folder. However from a command shell I can use 
cd "my documents"
and the prompt suggest that I indeed inside "My documents" however I can write files, get no error and the files are not created! It looks like a null directory.
I haven't seen this behaviour before.

"Documents" is no problem. And as I already said the users didn't use "My Documents" but "Documents".
However the user reported:
Creating temporary file resulted in error  (file name): No such file or directory.
This might be an issue with a non existing, full temp directory or insufficient rights.

Have fun

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