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Re: annoying in csv files

From: Alan Mead
Subject: Re: annoying in csv files
Date: Sat, 23 Jan 2016 11:24:00 -0600
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Annoyances are bad, but I'm not sure I understood this issue.  It sounds
like CSV files aren't recognized somewhere, but I don't understand where.

Can you list the steps to replicate, including the actual (wrong)
behavior and the desired (correct) behavior? It might also be important
to know what you mean by "CSV," because I know I frequently create "CSV"
files in LibreOffice Calc with tab delimiters.

Also, what OS and version of PSPP are you using?


On 1/23/2016 5:15 AM, Elias Estatistics wrote:
> Dear Devs,
> there is a HIGHLY annoying feature in pspp. There is no meaning at all
> for its existence!
> In CSV files, (1st, while other file types arecognized without the
> need to go down to select "pdf" or "odt" file, when you type "csv", is
> not recognized!)
> when they are saved through pspp MENU,
> the entry "Table: Data List" is appear.
> In a previous email, i had tell you that syntax is not saved in csv
> files.
> Therefore, the practice, at least for csv files (it can be generilized
> for all file types) is to set weather YOU like to be saved together
> with the rest data or NOT!
> Especially, when you save csv files, and you would like to import them
> to R or other statistical programs for further analysis.
> Sincerely,
> Elias Tsolis.
> Greek translator of PSPP
> (Soon!).
> P.S. I will need a guidance how to test my translated file to pspp.


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