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Re: windows/wine: Running make check takes ages

From: Harry Thijssen
Subject: Re: windows/wine: Running make check takes ages
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 2020 19:08:08 +0200


I can't recollect which test failed. But I had the same experience by the time it takes. 

Stay safe 

Op vr 28 aug. 2020 om 18:02 schreef Friedrich Beckmann <>:

i remember that you talked about running the regression for the windows
port from Harry. This is my current „make check“ result with wine after
10 hours:

XTERM_LOCALE='' /bin/sh './tests/testsuite' -C tests AUTOTEST_PATH=tests/data:tests/language/lexer:tests/libpspp:tests/output:tests/math:src/ui/terminal:utilities RUNNER='wine'
## ---------------------------------- ##
## GNU PSPP 1.5.0-ga6dbf8 test suite. ##
## ---------------------------------- ##


  1: epoch                                           ok

data input (data-in)

  2: numeric input formats                           ok
  3: reading big numbers                             ok
  4: DATE input format                               ok
  5: ADATE input format                              ok
  6: EDATE input format                              ok
  7: JDATE input format                              ok
  8: SDATE input format                              ok
  9: QYR input format                                ok
 10: MOYR input format                               ok
 11: WKYR input format                               ok
 12: DATETIME input format                           FAILED (
 13: YMDHMS input format                             FAILED (
 14: MTIME input format                              ok
 15: TIME input format                               ok
 16: DTIME input format                              ok
 17: binary and hexadecimal input (IB, PIB, and PIBHEX formats) ok
 18: BCD input (P and PK formats)                   

and running… Is that also your experience?


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