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commits for 1.4.1

From: Ben Pfaff
Subject: commits for 1.4.1
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 2020 15:33:03 -0700

The master branch has many commits that are not in 1.4.0, and I'm attempting
to collect the ones that are bug fixes to put into a 1.4.1. My first
cut at this is
now in a branch called branch-1.4. I included the following commits between
v1.4.0 and tip of master:

blp@sigxcpu:~/pspp/branch-1.4/_build$ git log --format=oneline
origin/branch-1.4 ^origin/master
40eb2c4df6915d64c1666452d44f6445228c31ef (HEAD -> branch-1.4,
origin/branch-1.4) Update version number to 1.4.1.
b7d74654be9f8c506716a45d0b1aaaf9c07f9d45 spv-light-decoder: Avoid GCC
10.x warning in decode_spvlb_valign().
cc772bb0c7a8d8e6184da881ccd7e7fed7863500 value: Suppress uninitialized
tmp.s warning in value_resize().
0c0501e5fc615c1333fafc4172c9d65b2da62368 Suppress GCC
10.x warning in gl/careadlinkat.c.
527e23cd4ceafecd14e2f293e1a71991082f92dc po/pl.po - replaced strange
character in comment
3cd1eae6b669361425f913db8af82fe3b26e4b65 xml-parser-generator -
iterate over sorted dict - #58975
666d1b05f1fc57d0c786526767b9fa707206396a src/ui/gui/psppire-conf.c:
Use GError instead of strerror.
914d83d4451653502b5edefb309797bf9cf7c919 replace finite with isfinite
7fc27ce68e3870dd6a3a248427f74da9156c06b0 Fixed bug which caused a
crash when using the Find feature
04f6eb41e37b81621ad359713d50540020ef8923 Updated translations from
f4e86bc57eaad316caf5e83198458101ae56a0f5 Issue error message if
failing to change directory
518483b350a44c345b6a0ba0743959fd123e794b barchart.c: Sort the
categories before displaying them.
121206eb090ffc9c430f42ba9f4172d277494408 limit the number of variables
in barchart from crosstabs #58968
544a876bb6ae1df4f8665335637038ce4c321345 fixed range check in
parse_record_placement (32Bit/64Bit issue) #58968
c0ac549a2671635cf4c263938177f985801cfdcc factor.c: added translation hint
ad6d6358f05371bb9725e03438714dd8ede90838 Removed stray newline in acinclude.m4
1ea0e74b0214d47c1e9288920462c3687f3ca216 Fixed error running 'make distcheck'
3e9a84b7e56597f6a7873ff48fb44e1bff4f0a51 Fixed some errors in format
and orthography of printed strings.
973739cd86fc17866bb278f2ac39fb7a847e37fd pspp-convert.1 - fixed a syntax typo
ed7d4337a5e29b381e87814dd70bd7dd71f47c57 PsppireSelector: Don't
attempt to unref a null pointer
src/language/stats/chart-category.h: Add #include directive
f53ee6dae6864f4c38fafef75186c4c5348a6880 PsppireVarView: Use g_realloc
instead of xrealloc
e082759588f949a7d469bf47b6911294a397eb15 src/ui/gui/psppire-conf.c: On
error, give a reason for failure to create file
254833a2d3700b61262b99603b99dd23dc69dc0b PsppireImportAssistant:
Proceed to next page when a file is double clicked
033bda3cbeaeff8fbfe79063b4470418265f0ce0 Update to more recent GNULIB

I did not include the following commits that did not seem to be bug fixes, or
that fixed bugs introduced by commits that were themselves not in 1.4.0:

blp@sigxcpu:~/pspp/branch-1.4/_build$ git cherry -v origin/branch-1.4
origin/master|grep '^+'
+ 009ff9e142c1d9bed1c9ab9165d4481e2a7533db Bump version to 1.5.0
+ 774738ce9ebb613f6febb42bf4c2ec5fff04d6a4 Smake: create build-aux/config.rpath
+ 51b0f7aa6aa83274f4c18ad39e1f4a311aaa73f3 Remove/Replace some
obsolete gnulib modules
+ 771599745cfe2a306dc45f2f299b9bfbfa19601b Avoid warnings about !
being passed a non-boolean
+ 2818b1ba8e2f9328760eaede858c45a0932198c3 Rename PsppireButtonbox to
+ 91c3dcd855f75c3f6ca8b58957f9f663ca01470a src/ui/gui/
Sort the manifest
+ b174fb993781d08f065e62e5f6fe9554c291d39d Update GtkBuilder files to
mention gtk+ version 3.22
+ 4e1d74dd9fa376152dea685917741cee77c0e059 Revive psppire's glade compatibility
+ 51cf173b5eaaa8c5cc6233f9c8924eb44498e89d added .gitattributes file
such that shows diff
+ 5945ce59bf14d8e5ffa50ef82ce56e79800a9bb2 fixed git distribution
check for .gitattributes added in previous commit
+ bea279dad74479d86671f3acdc8c945d3ce5f2be get_language: New function
+ 865bc07bb98f77536103372c1b070f62f8f693a2 html.c: Reimplement as HTML5
+ db83cfb8d09e5ef9aecd905e7fd6ac7973088bed psppire-marshaller.c:
Include the header file
+ d02e4f535a3ca34134e64c0fa157929ad1ac74ef src/ui/gui/
Remove yelp-check rule
+ c3a92aa6d6536a82f4f50da5af0d1c76eb6f2709 src/ui/gui/dummy.c:
Eliminate warnings when building with gcc-10.2.0
+ cc0afe999a50963f6419dd3b9d3f00f50b26c760 Warnings: add AM_CFLAGS
also for the psppire build
+ dcd593ebc418681f2a7f14795b13f94eaa95ccaf Warnings: missing
initializer for value_tables and function type cast (GObject)
+ ceaed4a17cb3b0a14c89f10b72a636f94af97e7a Warnings: function type
cast for g_list_foreach
+ 6fca007244bd4a7c917f2dc3a6bab87a2ad7461a Added tooltip for
statistics in dialogs
+ 5b2ed095a8aaa98adaea4922855edcbfb619c728 Warnings: added cast for
enumaration types
+ e15a8e2a3c12a29274d81c814e7e5058f0c65ad8 Warnings: removed
fallthrough in case statements
+ d9a8216021edbb6b94dce664a5cda991f8d34ea0 Warnings: fix missing
function prototypes
+ d6389cfd4723ca0c6a61730b3ce8c303f2a28fe6 Warning: adhere to const
qualifier for initializations and assignments
+ 6e97c915266bbe22fc00ce1ef24692ba9715a061 Warning: avoid warning that
weekday may be used uninitialized
+ bda72d84230943f2ce36b6c5bc03b6c489359fb1 Warning: "static const"
instead of "const static"
+ 93a71bec4b294b07760a9ac7bfea43951f78d261 Warning: added missing
initializer for closure_callback in GSourceFuncs
+ 1834d3c0d3fa6307fbc0a8adff1eb9a77d997eed Add convenience library
+ 50f7ce1fe0dc1e974d5aae426421fc5ebf24ca4c Remove src/ui/gui/memorandum.txt
+ d6510c8bb92e55331288bd7066e4697ca3cc9348 Warnings: correct cast for
psppire-spread-sheet model
+ e62e41ce0371c808fb1c646a9855e0cf2f289885 src/ui/gui/ Add
missing AM_CFLAGS parameter
+ 1fb80b7279687d4181e3786bb3acc1879cb8d16f switched off
unused-paramter warning for lib-essential gui files
+ 9f92b0dbcfc39372d82e8defa58a2046ff83c962 INSTALL: Remove reference
to --with-gui-tools which no longer exists
+ de9224fa85f92104116c10d65e1e12ecf2b043b9 Remove _base_init functions
from custom widget definitions.
+ 952bce971f10482c5f2fdc64582f48aea1238f27 Replace '(GObjectClass*)
class' with 'G_OBJECT_CLASS(class)'
+ ff72dea565ea406e17beccc051d50e40e9294b08 Prefer GTK+ style casts
rather than C-style casts.
+ f37e391fa8a6fd15c6c4be000237a66804fa9b5c dummy.c: Conform to exact prototypes
+ 128c446077dc1f14768d4eba73c5835f4fa0414c
psppire-spread-sheetmodel.c: modified userdata increment using
+ 1615e16376cf653f1faf105ba098120febdd1cb1 moved GFunc cast to macro
+ b5d886fe88156c215d4efac5cbcb9b08b160e7f7 Work around bug in Automake 1.16.1
+ d40814d1a8f649329351ec9d133195b6c3bdfdf5 GFUNC_COMPAT_CAST also for
+ e146819bbbfbb379df6e1a2f06ebf0bda0eed81f tests: Add 'slow' tag to more tests.

I'm ready to release 1.4.1 now that I have my new computer working.
I'd be pleased to hear from folks about commits that they think should
be (or should not be) included in 1.4.1. You can just push them to the
branch (or push reverts), unless you think that some discussion is



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