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Some items in

From: PSPP Vertaler
Subject: Some items in
Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2020 16:55:36 +0200

Dear reader,

I took receiving the file as an opportunity to browse through all the translations in the file to see if i still agreed with them and if any errors were left. In doing so, I came across four items in the original English about which I wondered if they were correct. I've listed them below. The numbers are from POEdit.

- no. 534: Cannot stat %s: %s . Shouldn't "stat" be "start"?
- no. 866: Assume equal variances . Shouldn't "Assume" be "Assumes"? See also no. 867.
- no. 2083: A brief list of some of the PSPP's features. Shouldn't "the" be omitted?
- no. 2093: A user interface has been translated to multiple languages . Shouldn't "A" be "The"?

Regards, Jaap Verhage.

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