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Re: buildpspp4windows

From: Friedrich Beckmann
Subject: Re: buildpspp4windows
Date: Sun, 13 Sep 2020 10:53:26 +0200

Hi Harry,

> git clone git:// pspp4windows-build
> Is  that workable for you?  If so, I think I will push the other stuff to. 
> Have to check this because on my nas there are also files with passwords. 

Yes, that works. The repository only contains „“. I had 
recovered and guessed some more files which are in

The files that I created in that „win“ directory and which I have not taken 
from your setup are 

„“ and

where „“ is pretty buildbot specific. It would be nice if as 
much as possible stuff, e.g. the „used-in-build“ files would be together in one 
git repository. I have three more files which are win specific:

which installs all the build environment except spread-sheet-widget ,

which creates the lxc container but more or less only calls „“ and

which calls „“ and „“ and does the actual 

Maybe we can move the „“ script also to your repo. I think it is 
buildbot related - it should also work on a plain opensuse 15.2 installation.

Do I remember correctly that you use a virtualbox vm in your build setup? Maybe 
you can
have a look at lxc containers which I found very nice. Once the setup for user 
lxc containers
is done on the host machine, it is really easy to create the vm from a script 

> BTW. I saw your question about your latest patch. May procedures have the 
> possibility to uses patches. For this you need a directory
>    "$BaseDir/win/pspp-patches"  Every .patch file in this directory will be 
> patched to the downloaded source.  So be careful to remove or rename them 
> after your test. 

Mmh. I do not remember any question about patches. I saw your patch support in 
„“ but I have not used it as I did not find any patches.


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