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Re: PSPP and Log4j

From: John Darrington
Subject: Re: PSPP and Log4j
Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2022 14:13:58 +0100

[ CCing ]

On Mon, Jan 03, 2022 at 07:29:20AM +0000, wrote:
     Given the recent situation regarding the vulnerability risk around Log4J, 
I would be grateful if you could answer the following questions:
     Does the product contain the Log4J framework?

       *   Is your product vulnerable to CVE-2021-44228?


       *   How do you intend to handle the vulnerability?

Not applicable.

       *   How should we act as a customer?

Not applicable.

       *   IF there is no immediate solution WHEN this and WHAT do we do in the 

Not applicable.

Please note, PSPP comes with NO WARRANTY and neither the authors nor copyright
holders will be liable for loss or damage caused by use of the program.

Thank you.

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