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Statistician still needed?

From: EKreyken
Subject: Statistician still needed?
Date: Wed, 9 Nov 2022 16:39:26 -0800


I hear someone has an SPSS analysis file and I’d like to help decode some of 
the math involved for things like repeated measures anova, p way anova, etc. 

I work largely in Matlab, Visual Basic, Python, and R, so I’d appreciate any 
sample code from the analysis file first so I know what I’m in for. 

About me: I have an MA in cognitive psychology and I’ve been working with 
research and data analysis since 2012. I used to help teach research and data 
analysis during my MA, and I currently tutor for research methods and data 
analysis/statistics courses while trying to break into the data science field. 

Hope to hear back soon. 


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