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Re: frustrations

From: Friedrich Beckmann
Subject: Re: frustrations
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2023 17:57:44 +0200

Hi Ben,

I love Crystal Lee. Please email me back how to fix the issue :-)



> Am 26.09.2023 um 17:15 schrieb Ben Pfaff <>:
> I'm starting to get so frustrated with the bug reports we get for PSPP. About 
> 90% of them seem to be Windows-specific, and a lot of the users who report 
> them don't seem to be able to cogently describe how the problem arises, or 
> even what version of PSPP they're using. And, of course, since I don't use 
> Windows, there's not much chance that I can fix the problem or verify that 
> it's fixed. I don't know what to do about it.

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