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Re: [Pydonkey-general] Re: Joining?

From: Joël Vennin
Subject: Re: [Pydonkey-general] Re: Joining?
Date: Tue, 13 May 2003 17:49:59 +0200
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> Yes I checked out yesterday! Massive respect, I must say, great coding!
> And a lot of work done. Did you use an UML-Tool for the Design, if yes,
> which?
Yes there are lots of work done, but for now it's just a "dirty code" , about 
UML-Tool i've tryed PyUt but there are some problem about compatibility with 
all version of PyUt.
If you know a cool UML-Tool we can use it. I think we need use an UML tool to 
design our client. (We can use Dia ?)

> The style of the code reminds me a little bit on eMule. I know that
> code, because I wrote a little python-script which sends messages to
> clients!
Hehe, Right, i've read the emule code to understand edonkey protocol ... 

> You chose the right tools for the project and that may be a weak point,
> because even I have problems to get all three toolkits working, because
> of my Python-Versions, but I'll manage today (hopefully).
For twisted, I think it compile fine, but about PyCrypto (i'm not sure we need 
it, just for MD4, and about the wxPython it's no very necessary for now).

> >Please see the code on the cvs, next we create a road map of the
> > project....
> Yeah, maybe you should write down, what you've already done.
To night ...

> >Give me you're login on savanah for i add you as project member
> It's "spikeee"!
You're added !!!

> >Do you use Jabber ??? You can contact me on jabber --> address@hidden
> I logged in, maybe we see us later?!
Sure !

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