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[Pydonkey-general] Re: Are you alive ? ;)

From: Joël Vennin
Subject: [Pydonkey-general] Re: Are you alive ? ;)
Date: Sat, 17 May 2003 13:07:33 +0200
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Le Samedi 17 Mai 2003 11:27, vous avez écrit :
> >I think Yes, because if we are not recognize as a emule client, we cannot
> > ( or very difficult) dialog with other emule client.
> But emule clients speak at least the standart edonkey protocoll!
Sure but if you are not regonize as emule you have no luck to download 
something  .....

> (I just saw that eMule even compresses some things, ouch)
Yes sure, but in the emule hello packet you can precise that you don't want 
get compressed packet ...
But compressed packet is very easy to manage > Don't forget Python ;)

> >>I know that eMule  can identify other eMule clients via the Userhash. So
> >>if claim that  we are not an eMule client, will eMule send us it's
> >>extensions?
> >
> >Yes the problem is here. There lots of emule mods, their process is not
> > the same. TO be recognize has emule client we must have the emule hash
> > and we must send a emule info packet. This the current code in
> >donkey.client.ClientProtocol.
> We should only rely on the original eMule-Client and not the many MODS
> by the way, or it will take forever!
Sure, we must respect the orginal eMule Client specification.

> What about mldonkey?
Very good edonkey client, but i don't know Ocaml langage ... And i think i 
hav'ent the time to take a lokk at ocaml

> >About, i have never use it. But as you can see the packet
> > opcode protocol can be different. You can see Asyncore.dispatcher, i've
> > already use it. But we can try to implement another class that make the
> > "same" as asyncore.dispatcher. Because i think asyncore.dispatcher is not
> > complete....
> is the extension asyncore. I'm curiuos about how python
> will cope with the many connections and file transfers... ;)
I think we must concentrate our first effort on create a good and strong 
Network API (we can propose in the future as a standart for python).

> By the way, for testing I've got always an eDonkey-Server and
> eDonkey-Cilent running. You can get the ip looking up
> "".
Very Very Very good idea !!!! But can you tell me what file you're edonkey 
client share. Try to have a file inferior than 9 MB and another one superior 
of 9 MB.

> Greetings,
> Spikeee

About Jabber, this weekend i haven't interconnection....

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