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Re: [Pydonkey-general] New site, New projects

From: Joël Vennin
Subject: Re: [Pydonkey-general] New site, New projects
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2003 18:02:00 +0200
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Le Mercredi 23 Juillet 2003 22:50, vous avez écrit :
> Okay, that a really good news, but I would like to have known before. ;)
> So, you want to make a redesign, laying priority on  a library just as I
> thought to be good.
> Py2socket is a nice idea too, but needed to implemented in C++.
No really Python is really correct my last test with 700 connection works fine 
without a lots of CPU concumption ...

> But I have some news too. I have an idea to make some easy improvement
> which is completely compatible with the original edonkey/emule clients
> but raises the privacy issue at 100%. So no RIAA won't be able to sniff
> around anymore. That means they can sniff, but they won't know who has
> the file.
No problem  to add it, we need before design correctly Py2Peer and next we can 
add some specification to other protocol ....

> I would like to have this feature in all edonkey/emule clients so
> pydonkey/py2peer or whatever would be a good way to promote it.

> I'll send a specification for that improvement if you like. It's so easy
> that the RIAA will byte their ass.
Yes sure we need a corrrect specification available on our web site.

> So, what's next,
Currently i moving my ass to Paris (France) ... so for now i can really make 
some work ...


> Spikeee
(Spikee please when you reply can you send it to the mailling list)
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