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Re: [Pydonkey-general] I want some changes

From: joel vennin
Subject: Re: [Pydonkey-general] I want some changes
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 22:22:43 +0200
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Sorry for my long silence. I was away.
> Because it demands a too high entry-techno-know-how for beginners.
Yep sure, but before a first release i think the beginners aren't interesting 
in the devel.
> A Web-Chat takes 0 effords.
> And we have Forum and Chat in one. So maybe other users can get in
> contact with us more easily then installing IRC or subscribing to a
> mailing-list..
Yes why not

> I created a demo-forum here:
I'm unable to connect it for now

> The advances of this forum:
> - if you subscribe you can get all messages per E-Mail, so it functions
> also as mailing list.
> - integrated web-chat
> - and forum (style can be changed)
I want to try it

About the stuff, yesterday i've make some stuff around the file manager inside 
py2peer. The file manager is not finish but it's in the good way. 
        - The next step is to compute hash(for each p2p network) for shared 
filed. To 
do this we need only implement a specific class FilePartManager for each 
p2pnetwork. Tomorrow i'll try to compute edonkey hash.

        - Next improve the common stuff around hub and leaf node.

        - Try to build client protocol to dialog with server ( in the edonkey 
protocol we can say that the hub is the server.


> Test it and then tell!

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