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Re: [Pygrep-users] Pygrep suggestions

From: Miguel Angel
Subject: Re: [Pygrep-users] Pygrep suggestions
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 2009 07:46:09 +0200

Me again!

Sorry. I forgot to say that, to update pygrep, you only have to go to pygrep directory and execute:
    $ cvs up

That's all.

See you!

2009/10/20 Miguel Angel <address@hidden>

Try pygrep 2.0 alpha 4.

I added two new features:
  - An expander to the quick search options (ignore case, whole word, ...). It is expanded by default, because I use it a lot. Maybe, in the future, I'll make it configurable.
  - A new column in history table, which allows you to select which entries must be saved for future use. Maybe in the future I will add the possibility of choosing if you want all you look for must be selected or unselected. Nowadays, it is unselected till you click on the check button.

One thing more:
There are several ways to contribute with pygrep:

Well... You have already contributed, but... Maybe you can have a look to that point saying "By telling your fiends" ;D

Thank you very much for your requests!

2009/10/17 ge <address@hidden>


For the sake of documentation here my wishes, ideas:

1. I'd like to have the earlier search strings stored. I would consider 4 previous strings as enough. For example the text field, where I enter the search string, could be a combo box, and that could contain the previous strings.

2. In the pygrep 2.0 alpha version the setup parameters are on the screen (ignore case, whole word, ...). They would be better in the status line. Advantage: more decent screen, less room taken, no possibility for unwanted modification of parameters.

Thanks for excellent pygrep!

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