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[Qemu-commits] [qemu/qemu] bb9c99: target/hppa: New SeaBIOS-hppa version

From: Peter Maydell
Subject: [Qemu-commits] [qemu/qemu] bb9c99: target/hppa: New SeaBIOS-hppa version 7
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2023 23:49:30 -0700

  Branch: refs/heads/master
  Home:   https://github.com/qemu/qemu
  Commit: bb9c998ca9343d445c76b69fa15dea9db692f526
  Author: Helge Deller <deller@gmx.de>
  Date:   2023-06-20 (Tue, 20 Jun 2023)

  Changed paths:
    M pc-bios/hppa-firmware.img
    M roms/seabios-hppa

  Log Message:
  target/hppa: New SeaBIOS-hppa version 7

Update SeaBIOS-hppa to version 7 which fixes a boot problem
with Debian-12 install CD images.

The problem with Debian-12 is, that the ramdisc got bigger
than what the firmware could load in one call to the LSI
scsi driver.

Signed-off-by: Helge Deller <deller@gmx.de>

  Commit: 2346098b9586f93fa596435b07fce1541151e2bd
  Author: Richard Henderson <richard.henderson@linaro.org>
  Date:   2023-06-21 (Wed, 21 Jun 2023)

  Changed paths:
    M pc-bios/hppa-firmware.img
    M roms/seabios-hppa

  Log Message:
  Merge tag 'seabios-hppa-v7-pull-request' of 
https://github.com/hdeller/qemu-hppa into staging

hppa: New SeaBIOS-hppa version 7 ROM

New SeaBIOS-hppa version 7 ROM to fix Debian-12
CD-ROM boot issues.

Signed-off-by: Helge Deller <deller@gmx.de>

# XypaAP9j0YWdl1ovPiyw8fTdY5U6yCKGIjqtkXzk4egPbzkU1AD7BxMY+GbDSKv8
# Lt9K+R4cu0EVxfYsz17e780wSMLPcwc=
# =M8NU
# gpg: Signature made Tue 20 Jun 2023 09:57:57 PM CEST
# gpg:                using EDDSA key BCE9123E1AD29F07C049BBDEF712B510A23A0F5F
# gpg: Good signature from "Helge Deller <deller@gmx.de>" [unknown]
# gpg:                 aka "Helge Deller <deller@kernel.org>" [unknown]
# gpg: WARNING: This key is not certified with a trusted signature!
# gpg:          There is no indication that the signature belongs to the owner.
# Primary key fingerprint: 4544 8228 2CD9 10DB EF3D  25F8 3E5F 3D04 A7A2 4603
#      Subkey fingerprint: BCE9 123E 1AD2 9F07 C049  BBDE F712 B510 A23A 0F5F

* tag 'seabios-hppa-v7-pull-request' of https://github.com/hdeller/qemu-hppa:
  target/hppa: New SeaBIOS-hppa version 7

Signed-off-by: Richard Henderson <richard.henderson@linaro.org>

  Commit: c5ffd16ba4c8fd3601742cc9d2b3cff03995dd5d
  Author: Peter Maydell <peter.maydell@linaro.org>
  Date:   2023-06-21 (Wed, 21 Jun 2023)

  Changed paths:
    M include/hw/core/cpu.h

  Log Message:
  Revert "cputlb: Restrict SavedIOTLB to system emulation"

This reverts commit d7ee93e24359703debf4137f4cc632563aa4e8d1.

That commit tries to make a field in the CPUState struct not be
present when CONFIG_USER_ONLY is set.  Unfortunately, you can't
conditionally omit fields in structs like this based on ifdefs that
are set per-target.  If you try it, then code in files compiled
per-target (where CONFIG_USER_ONLY is or can be set) will disagree
about the struct layout with files that are compiled once-only (where
this kind of ifdef is never set).

This manifests specifically in 'make check-tcg' failing, because code
in cpus-common.c that sets up the CPUState::cpu_index field puts it
at a different offset from the code in plugins/core.c in
qemu_plugin_vcpu_init_hook() which reads the cpu_index field.  The
latter then hits an assert because from its point of view every
thread has a 0 cpu_index. There might be other weird behaviour too.

Mostly we catch this kind of bug because the CONFIG_whatever is
listed in include/exec/poison.h and so the reference to it in
build-once source files will then cause a compiler error.
Unfortunately CONFIG_USER_ONLY is an exception to that: we have some
places where we use it in "safe" ways in headers that will be seen by
once-only source files (e.g.  ifdeffing out function prototypes) and
it would be a lot of refactoring to be able to get to a position
where we could poison it.  This leaves us in a "you have to be
careful to walk around the bear trap" situation...

Fixes: d7ee93e243597 ("cputlb: Restrict SavedIOTLB to system emulation")
Signed-off-by: Peter Maydell <peter.maydell@linaro.org>
Message-Id: <20230620175712.1331625-1-peter.maydell@linaro.org>
Signed-off-by: Richard Henderson <richard.henderson@linaro.org>

Compare: https://github.com/qemu/qemu/compare/cab35c73be9d...c5ffd16ba4c8

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