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[Ranger-users] highlighting in the preview window

From: Alan Warren
Subject: [Ranger-users] highlighting in the preview window
Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2011 18:38:02 -0500


I just noticed ranger supports the highlight app for previewing files in the pager area
with syntax highlighting.  Very cool addition!

What I'd like to do is use a custom theme from /usr/share/highlight/themes, but ranger
is using ansi output for highlight. This limits highlight to a hard-coded basic theme.

I tried to modify scope.sh to output in "xterm256" mode as opposed to "ansi" but highlight
stopped working.

I'm curious if this is something I can easily fix, or if it has more to do with the internal workings
of ranger.  If so, it's really not a big deal at all.


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