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Re: [Ranger-users] Noob question: how to copy files? (Artem Avetisyan)

From: artem
Subject: Re: [Ranger-users] Noob question: how to copy files? (Artem Avetisyan)
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2012 22:03:39 +0100

Thanks a lot! "po" it is then.


> Exactly.  Ranger 1.5.5 depends on a GNU-cp-only option
> (--backup=numbered) but OSX does not use GNU cp.
> You can do any of these things to fix it:
> - upgrade to ranger-master from git. It has a different copying
>  implementation that does not rely on the cp program anymore, but it
>  might not be as stable as ranger-stable.
> - type "po" (for "paste/overwrite") instead of "pp".  "po" doesn't use
>  the GNU-only flag, it won't create a backup of the file if it already
>  exists, but will simply overwrite it.
> - remove the "--backup=numbered" flag from the cp invocation in
>  ranger/core/actions.py
> - use GNU cp, obviously.
> hut

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