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Re: [Ranger-users] file copy problems

From: Lingnan Dai
Subject: Re: [Ranger-users] file copy problems
Date: Sat, 24 Aug 2013 10:34:36 +0800

Just to chime in and say that I've had similar problems to what Pau has 
described. I haven't really dug into the code, but it appears to me that loads 
of tasks are synchronous (executed sequentially as seen in the task viewer). 
This is especially problematic when I try to access network-mounted drives --- 
sometimes tasks are so slow that they pile on each other and never complete. I 
think at least some tasks should be made asynchronous e.g. File previewing 
shouldn't slow me down when I'm just moving my cursor highlight up and down.

Best regards,
Lingnan Dai

On Aug 24, 2013, at 10:17 AM, pausiert <address@hidden> wrote:

> hi, using ranger I came up with some problems related to file copying.
> first, there is no alert when you (accidently) push q while a file
> transfer. Ranger just quits and the file stays half copied.
> second, moving a bigger amount of files (>3GB) slows the ranger ui
> terribly down, it completly stucks and I got to wait until everything is
> copied without seeing the progress. 
> third, it appears that the file copy module uses a lot of resources,
> much more than e.g. bash's cp, is this a common problem?
> fourth, ranger copies files on ext usb storages a way to fast, it
> finishes withn seconds, but removing the storages causes broken files.
> I have to wait self calculated time when it's save to remove it.
> wouldn't it may be a good idea to have a ranger daemon/server in background
> that manage all tasks (copyloaders)? closing down a ranger instance (client) 
> no
> more harms the copy progress and open a new window gives you infos of all
> current tasks. as well the ui doesn't slow down anymore
> so far, pau
> -- 

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