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Re: [Ranger-users] No access to X11 clipboard or selection when vim is l

From: emma sculateur
Subject: Re: [Ranger-users] No access to X11 clipboard or selection when vim is launched via ranger
Date: Wed, 28 Aug 2013 09:42:41 -0700

Thanks for the answer Gary.
The problem is that I don't have this rifle.conf.

$ ranger --copy-config=rifle.conf
Unknown config file `rifle.conf'
$ ranger --copy-config=rifle
Unknown config file `rifle'

'locate rifle', does not give anything. I precise that I installed ranger using the usual fedora repos.

In .config/ranger I have :
apps.py  apps.pyo  bookmarks  commands.py  commands.pyo  history  keys.py  keys.pyo  options.py  options.pyo  scope.sh  tagged

I tried to edit apps.py. I have this section where I just changer vim into gvim -v, but it didn't work :
# Often a programs invocation is trivial.  For example:
#    vim test.py readme.txt [...]
# This could be implemented like:
#    @depends_on("vim")
#    def app_vim(self, c):
#        return tup("vim", *c.files)
# Instead of creating such a generic function for each program, just add
# its name here and it will be automatically done for you.
CustomApplications.generic('gvim -v', 'fceux', 'elinks', 'wine', 'zsnes', 'javac')

2013/8/28 Gary Johnson <address@hidden>
On 2013-08-27, emma sculateur wrote:
> Hello,
> I just started to use ranger. I think I'm going to love it, the only thing is :
> when I open a file in vim with ranger, I can't access the x11 clipboard or the
> selection. ==> I cannot yank/paste at all !
> For the X11 clipboard I have this in my vimrc :
>             nmap <C-p> "+p
>             nmap <C-y> "+yy
>             vmap <C-d> "+d
>             vmap <C-p> d$"+p
>             vmap <C-y> "+y
> and I have an alias that launch gvim -v instead of vim... I thought ranger
> really launched vim instead of gvim -v, and I tried to change that in
> rifle.conf as indicated in the man, but I can't find this file.
> For the selection buffer, it is more annoying, and I have no idea of how to
> make it work.

The reason you can't use the X11 clipboard is, as you suspected,
that ranger is invoking vim, not "gvim -v" as your editor.

Your alias works from your shell, but it is not exported to other
programs run from that shell, so ranger does not see the alias.

Personal configuration files such as rifle.conf are not created
unless you ask them to be.  To get a copy of rifle.conf into your
~/.config/ranger directory, execute

    ranger --copy-config=rifle

Then open the file ~/.config/ranger/rifle.conf and search for
EDITOR.  Change each instance of the string



    gvim -v

and save that file.  There should be three such instances.  The
first one should now look like this:

    mime ^text,  label editor = gvim -v -- "$@"

That should do it.


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