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[Ranger-users] Shell script over multiple files

From: G Chandramouli
Subject: [Ranger-users] Shell script over multiple files
Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2016 22:10:04 +0530

Hello all,
              I want to run a shell script over multiple selected files (say selected using spacebar ).  How to do this ?

Actually, I am trying to open a movie with mpv and load subtitles. mpv player loads subtitles automatically only when subtitles have same filename with srt/sub extension. Renaming subtitles every time is a tiring job. I don't want to start a shell prompt and write the command "mpv filename.mp4 --sub-file=subfile.srt". Instead I want to select the two files using spacebar or something and run a script over them to start mpv and keeping the ranger intact.


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