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Re: [Ranger-users] disable preview for certain dirs

From: Jan Knížek
Subject: Re: [Ranger-users] disable preview for certain dirs
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2017 14:55:39 +0100
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On 11.3.2017 14:11, Wojciech Siewierski wrote:
> On 11.03.2017 13:02, Jan Knížek wrote:
>> is it possible to disable preview of directories for some dirs? I've got 
>> network partitions and it's unbearably slow with preview.
>> I've tried:
>> setintag n preview_directories False
>> or
>> setlocal /mnt/t preview_directories False
> According to the docs the following syntax should work:
> setlocal path=/mnt/t preview_directories=False
> I've just checked it and it worked. Can you confirm whether it helps?\
Of course I forgot it. Yes, this works. But what about tag?

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