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[Ranger-users] Is there a "pure file-browse" mode

From: Xu Wang
Subject: [Ranger-users] Is there a "pure file-browse" mode
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2017 02:18:55 -0400

Suppose that I am in the folder / in ranger and I want to navigate to
the folder /abc/def/ghi. But suppose I don't know the path by heart so
I do actually have to see the directory listings at each step
(otherwise I could just do "cd /ab/def/ghi" and that would be

Currently to do that in ranger, I have to type:


(suppose that a search for "ab" is enough to select "abc" folder)

What I want to avoid is entering the slashes. Of course they are
necessary because I need to enter search mode. But I want to do what I
can currently do in Nautilus:


Is there a way to achieve such workflow temporarily in Ranger?

Kind regards,


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