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Re: [Ranger-users] previewing a certain file type with external utility

From: Gary Johnson
Subject: Re: [Ranger-users] previewing a certain file type with external utility (tricky case?)
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2018 23:04:01 -0700
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On 2018-07-15, Thoralf Dassler wrote:

> thanks for the quick response. Going with Dimitri's suggestion, I
> have added this section to my ~/.config/ranger/scope.sh:
> # Mail
> message/rfc822)
> show "${FILE_PATH}" && { dump | trim; exit 0; }
> ${FILE_PATH} is defined in scope.sh as
> FILE_PATH="${1}"         # Full path of the highlighted file
> In my case ranger should therefore run:
> 'show /home/user/mail/inbox/N' (N is an integer number, it
> represents the file names in /home/user/mail/inbox)
> However, what I actually need is: 'show $N', i.e.: I need to
> only pass the file names without the path.
> Can '$N' be done in scope.sh? If yes, how would I have to do it?
> Explanation: The reason why I need only '$N' is because
> 1) The utility 'show' insists on its dedicated .mh_profile being present;
> 2) 'Path:' must be defined within .mh_profile. The value of
> 'Path:' therefore gets auto-inserted in front of '${FILE_PATH}',
> which does not work of course. Hence I only need '$N'.

Instead of

    show "${FILE_PATH}"


    show "${FILE_PATH##*/}"

See the bash(1) man page, the section on Parameter Expansion, the
description of the ${parameter##word} form.


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