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Re: [RP] sf going bad?

From: Mike Meyer
Subject: Re: [RP] sf going bad?
Date: Tue Nov 13 02:45:01 2001

Martin Samuelsson <address@hidden> types:
> i havn't read much about it. but someone said something bad about
> sourceforge. the slashdot article can be found at
> http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=01/11/12/1456219

Actually, they noted something about VA, which owns sourceforge. That
something may or may not be bad, depending on which sect of the open
source religion you belong to.

> should we be alarmed or ignore it?

Ignore it. At the very worst, it means that a new place to store the
sources and web pages has to be found.  If that happens, I'll be glad
to provide the resources to run it as a perforce depot, including
dealing with licensing. Since perforce makes dealing with tree
branching much saner that CVS, that could be a win - again depending
upon which sect of the open source religion you belong to.

Mike Meyer <address@hidden>                     http://www.mired.org/home/mwm/
Q: How do you make the gods laugh?              A: Tell them your plans.

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