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Re: [RP] emacs -nw uses hailf an xterm

From: eichin-ratp
Subject: Re: [RP] emacs -nw uses hailf an xterm
Date: Wed Apr 10 01:09:02 2002

> You may have to close the program running in the xterm if it doesn't
> respond to the resize. I know for lynx I must do this.

I've noticed that with lynx too; w3m (and just about everything else)
deals fine, it's not that hard...

> If anyone can figure this one out, you would be a hero to many people :).

I'm assuming the bug is triggering an xterm race condition; you could
test this fairly simply, just by having ratpoison sleep for one second
before doing the resize (to be sure xterm has already grabbed the
pty.)  If that works, that points to the race condition.

[To be fair, I haven't looked at the ratpoison source in a while --
but given that, I'm assuming it isn't doing the ICCCM size-hints
exchange, which is how other wm's avoid this...]

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