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[RP] Compile warnings on AIX

From: Gergely Nagy
Subject: [RP] Compile warnings on AIX
Date: Sun Apr 14 13:36:03 2002
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Hi people!

I was compiling the latest cvs version on AIX, and got a few warnings
in actions.c (implicit declaration of strcasecmp), getopt.c and
events.c. All three needed an #include <strings.h>, and that silenced
the warnings.

The last remaining issue is an implicit declaration of setenv in
actions.c. Somehow, configure detects setenv, but gcc still warns
about it...

Anyway, does anyone see a problem if I add those #include <strings.h>
to the relevant files in cvs? (I remember something about strings.h vs
string.h, that is what makes me unsure)

Gergely Nagy \ mhp/|8]

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