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[RP] Re: save/restore frame-set

From: eclig
Subject: [RP] Re: save/restore frame-set
Date: Fri Apr 19 03:21:18 2002
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I begin by apologizing for not having a "references" or "in-reply-to"
header in my message. I'm not subscribed to the list. I just saw the
message from Stefan Sandstrom in the WWW-archives refering to something
I've been thinking about for some days now (see subject).

At I'm at the end stage of my Ph.D. and should not be playing with
Ratpoison, so my conscience doesn't let me subscribe to the list right
now :-) . Sorry. Please cc you reply to me, if you think I should read

Now to the point...

Sven Hartrumpf wrote:

>> On 18 Apr 2002, Stefan Sandstrom wrote: 
>> On Thu, Apr 18, 2002 at 08:39:32PM +0000, Doug Kearns wrote:

>>> Without thinking too much about it, I'm sure you could achieve most of
>>> this with an external script.

>> I doubt that, but please do prove me wrong.

> If you can query the coordinates of each frame, you could
> achieve most of it.

> Do we have such a query function (via the windows command?)?

My idea was to use 'windows %n %t %s %i'. The '%i' thing gives you the
Id of each window. With this Id you can call 'xwininfo -id ID' to get
the coordinates and size of each window. With 'xwininfo -root' you get
the size of the display.

Now, the script should parse the output of these commands and transform
it in a sequence of split/vsplit commands, which could then be written
to a file to be latter called in order to restore the configuration. To
restore not only the geometry of the frames but also their contents the
script could call 'windows' again to get the RP-number of each window
from its Id (the RP-number of a window might have been changed by the
user using the 'number' command. The Id doesn't change).

I think it's very doable, but as I said I don't have much time now.
Maybe I could help testing / debugging / improving if someone with
more experience puts something together.


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