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[RP] save/restore frame-set

From: Emilio Lopes
Subject: [RP] save/restore frame-set
Date: Mon Apr 22 05:34:03 2002
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Robert de Forest wrote:

> I'm going to try to implement this today, but I don't know of a reliable way 
> to
> associate window titles with content.  Some will be easy: Galeon puts "- 
> Galeon"
> at the end of its title.  XMMS puts "XMMS -" at the beginning.  VIM puts "- 
> VIM"
> at the end while editing, and "Thanks for flying Vim" when it's done.  
> However,
> there are no standards in this area.

One can't use the name for this purpose, it's not reliable. When saving
the frame configuration one stores the ID of the window associated with
each frame along with its geometry. When restoring the configuration
one must make a new call to `windows' with '%n %i' in the argument to
get the window number corresponding to the saved ID. The ID is unique
to each window and doesn't change. But it does can happen that the
window just don't exist anymore....


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