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[RP] Help window out of the screen>

From: Jan Marek
Subject: [RP] Help window out of the screen>
Date: Sun Dec 1 13:54:28 2002
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I'm sorry, I'm not currently in the list, then send me, please,
cc, if you will send any reaction on my mail... Thx.

I have problem with ratpoison: When I try C-t ?, I've got
a window with a key bindigs, but size of this window oversize my
screen, then I cannot read all text... My disply resolution is

And second: I cannot understand of someone key naming (I don't
use emacs, yes, I know: it's a my error, but...) What about this
format of help screen:

'?': help
':': command line

? ;-)

Thank you very much for unique and very usefull WM :-)

Jan Marek
Ing. Jan Marek               | Nez mi poslete prilohu .doc, .xls 
University of South Bohemia  | nebo .ppt, prectete si, prosim,
Academic Computer Centre     | WWW stranku uvedenou na poslednim
Phone: +420-38-9032080       | radku signatury...

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