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Re: [RP] SMP and ratpoison

From: William R Thomas
Subject: Re: [RP] SMP and ratpoison
Date: Mon Dec 30 07:40:03 2002
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See attachments, the first is a shell script which pretty reliably
kills ratpoison for me.  The second would be the output of gdb and
some ps'es.

An interesting tidbit which may or may not help in getting to the
bottom of this, the ratpoison -c 'select screen' did not seem to lock
things up on it's own.  Only after adding the ratpoison -c 'windows'
did it lock up.

On Sat, Dec 28, 2002 at 01:04:58AM -0800, Shawn Betts wrote:
> William R Thomas <address@hidden> writes:
> > I would be willing to do a backtrace, but I don't think I meet the
> > requirements ;)  Specifically, I thought backtrace was for when a
> > program crashed and dumped core.  In this case, ratpoison seemingly
> > will run away contentedly forever with a maxed processor and an
> > inability to do anything.  
> Hi William,
> Can you ssh in from another machine, hook gdb onto the running process
> and find out what function it's sitting in forever? From your other
> posts I think I know which function it's sitting in: the command
> processing function. It's probably just looping infinitely in the
> while loop. I do remember thinking, "Say this might cause some
> problems" when I was coding it up so long ago :).
> Shawn

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