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Re: [RP] Give input from ratpoison input window to script

From: Simon White
Subject: Re: [RP] Give input from ratpoison input window to script
Date: Tue Dec 31 01:45:03 2002
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30-Dec-02 at 21:37, Shawn Betts (address@hidden) wrote :
> Christopher Sharp <address@hidden> writes:
> > Hello,
> > what I would like to do is to get a box similar to
> > the one you get with 'C-t :' and then give the things
> > written in this box as argument to a script, in my
> > case I want to type in an url and then use a script
> > to send this url to phoenix. Is this somehow possible ?
> > I wasn't able to find anything that would allow me
> > to do this. Any Ideas ?
> If phoenix takes as an argument an URL, you could add this to your
> .ratpoisonrc:
> bind P colon exec phoenix
> when you hit C-t P you'll get an input box with 'exec phoenix' already
> typed, then you just type in the url and press enter. That's a nice
> quick hack, anyway. If you put a space at the end of the line, I
> *think* that space will be part of the keybinding and will save you
> typing a space everytime.

This is what I have for phoenix (which is in a subdirectory phoenix)

# bind b (`b' for browse) to interactively ask for an URL to open
bind b colon exec phoenix/phoenix http://www.

Works fine. 

p.s. If you don't have phoenix0.5 yet, get it. It finally allows you to
middle click-paste a URL into the window to open the page (this didn't
work with previous phoenix versions) which is a key feature for browsers
under Linux IMHO, especially since there's no Windoze equivalent.

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