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Re: [RP] is-wm-query

From: twb
Subject: Re: [RP] is-wm-query
Date: Thu Aug 28 22:35:02 2003

Quoth Shawn Betts <address@hidden> on or about 28 Aug 2003 13:26:54 -0700
>  twb <address@hidden> writes:
>  > Is there a way of checking if rp is the WM on $DISPLAY?
>  >  (from the shell, that is, so launchers know if they can use rp to add 
> extra args)
>  how about:
>  $ ratpoison -c 'getenv DISPLAY'

You misunderstand me, Shawn.  I have a stand-alone keybinder that runs
all the time.   Occasionally I switch to sawfish  or something[0], and
`ratpoison -c 'colon exec dillo http://gooogle.com.au/search?q=' et al
don't work, because ratpoison isn't running.

Worse, the commands get cached (because  of the weird way I swith WMs)
and when I switch back to RP, they all execute at once (blarg).

What I want is to bind stuff like:

`if (WM=RP); then ratpoison -c 'colon exec dillo 
http://gooogle.com.au/search?q='; else dillo http://google.com.au/search; fi`

I  hadn't known about  xlsconfig; but  unfortunately it  isn't listing

I  don't really  want to  use a  grubby `ps  ... |  grep  ...` because
sometimes I run multiple instances of X.

I was  hoping there'd be  some X Resource  or something that  I didn't
know about.


[0]: e.g.  for those  apps that  automatically resize  themselves back
     whenever you  resize them, so  they flicker like buggery  and fry
     your processor.

 There seem to be two kinds of linux users, those who come from a unix
 background and  those who come  from an ibm-pc background.  You could
 call them "sysadmins" and "lusers".
 -- flaps

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