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[RP] Some simple Ratpoison session scenarios?

From: Asterius Pandoras
Subject: [RP] Some simple Ratpoison session scenarios?
Date: Sat Jul 3 17:33:22 2004

I finally got Ratpoison to start up, however with few errors.
sh: line 1: xsetroot: command not found
sh: line 1: xterm: command not found

I'm playing with Accelerated-X and didn't isntall Xfree86. So, I think
that it is not so important? Or is it? 

For some reason I can't start ratpoison with /usr/X11R6/bin/Xaccel &
ratpoison, so I start my X session with & aterm and then run ratpoison
inside of aterm. ( look further up on the error I have when  do so).

Since I simply can't grasp ( at least for now) all the options and
numerous ratposion's commands, can anyone give a simple overview of
session with say, four windows split the screen and running for instance
firefox, sylpheed, perhaps vx, something else and switching between
Or any other VERY simple scenarious for cluless n00b. I'm reading a lot
of documentation, however still confused. I forgot to say that when I'm
running ratpoison inside of a aterm, my aterm gets maximized and I can
see some sort of a grey borders. Thank anyone for theie time.


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