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Re: [RP] expose.pl rc

From: Trent Buck
Subject: Re: [RP] expose.pl rc
Date: Wed Jul 7 01:40:07 2004

Quoth Kevin Geiss on or about 2004-07-06:
> hey, I was just playing with the release candidate of the expose.perl
> script. It is totally awesome!

Glad you like it.

> I realize it was written with the hope that ratpoison would return
> non-zero if fselect was aborted, but since ratpoison doesn't do that
> now I was interested in changing the script a bit.

It's actually pretty trivial to patch :fselect, I just haven't done it
yet.  I'll have a look at that today, and the :print patch Joe seemed
interested in.

You may find that the :undo command is helpful for restoring the
frameset if you cancel the :fselect.  It's in my bulk patch

A reminder to everybody: Use the `-u' flag when creating diffs.

I eat people. I'm a humanitarian.

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