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Re: [RP] :dedicate done

From: Trent Buck
Subject: Re: [RP] :dedicate done
Date: Thu Jul 15 20:50:48 2004

Quoth rubikitch on or about 2004-07-16:
> > I've done a bare-bones implementation of dedicated frames, a lá the
> Pretty good! When a frame which does not set window is dedicated,
> the frame is never set any windows. Does this work as required?

I don't understand.  Only frames can be marked as dedicated (chaste)
or non-dedicated (promiscuous).  Windows have no dedicated flag (at
the moment).

The behaviours I want are:

* Windows in chaste frames never leave that frame without orders (happens 
* New windows never get put in chaste frames (unless all frames are chaste).
> From a scripting point of view I think it is better this command
> also can enable or disable dedicated frames.
> dedicate        # toggle
> dedicate on     # enable dedicated frame
> dedicate off    # disable dedicated frame

Yeah, I just haven't done it yet.

dedicate          == toggle
dedicate 0        == off
dedicate non-zero == on

I'll look at it today.


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