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Re: [RP] Some errors and unwanted changes

From: Trent Buck
Subject: Re: [RP] Some errors and unwanted changes
Date: Tue Jul 20 03:45:05 2004

Quoth Nikolai Weibull on or about 2004-07-20:
> I have two comments on 1.3.0.  I recently upgraded from 1.3.0-rc2 and
> have found two annoying changes.
> First, upon X startup I restore a frameset consisting of two frames.  In
> 1.3.0-rc2 the first window created would go in the first frame, and the
> second window would use the second frame.  In 1.3.0, both wind up in the
> first.  What gives?

When frestoring, RP can only see the XID of each window.  This is
different each time a program starts.  Probably you fdumped, quit the
program, started it again and frestored.  RP cannot tell that the new
and the old window are from the same program.

(Feel free to correct me if I'm on the wrong track.)

> Second, I'm getting a lot of 
> ratpoison:number.c:110: error: ns=0x8069928 Attempt to release -1!
> ratpoison:events.c:404: error: Impossible: No matching key

Yeah, I've noticed this with CVS but haven't tried to fix it yet.

The latter error was probably introduced when Shawn added the code for
the `top' keymap.  The former is to do with the code that allocates a
unique number for e.g. windows.  Probably there is code along the
lines of `free_num(get_current_num())'; when no window is current, it
returns -1, and tries to free a non-existent window number.

I've seen these two errors for a while; you should be able to just
ignore them.


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